Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nando's Jusco Melaka

After having heard that Nando's is offering unlimited free refill of soup and garlic bread for RM7.25 and unlimited free refill of ice lemon tea for RM5.25, something like a all you can eat buffet, I headed over to the branch at Jaya Jusco, Melaka for my lunch + dinner.

After ordering the food, we are requested to fill the empty bowl given with soup and garlic bread on another plate give on ourselves.

The chicken mushroom soup served that day tasted like the one from Campbell's, the only difference is that they've added some chicken slices, probably to convince you that you're really swallowing a chicken mushroom soup. Not much complains about this since almost all the franchise serve this kind of soup, nothing special bout it.

The common chicken mushroom soup that I know how to cook

I'm quite disappointed with the garlic bread. The bread is cold and soft, too soft for a garlic bread. It's baked for some left and they just leave the bread on a place with a cover for customers to take whenever they've finished their garlic bread without even keeping it warm.

The lao hong garlic bread

Other than that, I've ordered a 1/2 chicken with coleslaw and french fries as side meal. The chicken meat is too stiff and dried. It's not juicy and tender like Kenny Roger's. What made it worse is the coleslaw and the french fries. I was like eating just raw vegetables - tasteless, and the amount of curry powder spread on the french fries is too little.

Mild peri-peri for me :P

The only thing that cheer me up that day is the sweet cold ice lemon tea, and I get to refill for more! Okay, I admit that ice lemon tea is one of my favorite drink :P

How I wish if they let me bring my empty bottles and fill them up

After the meal, I went to watch Ratatouille (oooh, I spelled it right in my first attempt! Wahahaha). Quite a nice movie. I wonder when will my gerbils cook for me... *starring at the stars outside, dreaming*


yung . said...

wow! A free flow soup and bread sumore add a chicken set sumore.. rich guy..

hao said...

yung: I want to eat some meat other than just bread :P

j said...

can i refer the peri-peri chicken instead of drinks? too late.miss this chance.

hao said...

j: What do you mean by referring to the peri-peri chicken instead of drinks and what too late? *blur*