Friday, August 31, 2007

Great White vs Killer Whale

When I went to Pulau Dayang for my SCUBA diving last time, I was asked by Ahmad, the vice president of MMU Diving Club, what would I want to be if I'm a marine fish during an ice-breaking session. I replied anything will be fine. Being any marine life from a plankton to a blue whale is one hundred times better than being a pathetic human, isn't it?

Now, I have a clearer picture what I'm going to be... The killer whale!

All this while, I though Great White Shark stays on top of the food chain and nothing can beat a hell out of it. But the Orca gives me a second thought about that.

Another video from the smart Killer Whale

On the other hand, if Merfolks really exist in this World, I won't have any doubts to be a Merman *moving my eyebrows up and down*

So, if you're to choose to be a marine life, what do you want to be? Do tell so I can see if my Free Willy can p4wn you or not... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!


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jijitankyy said...

I viewed the whale once during my last visit to Pulau Payar,but it is from a long distance away from the beach.

hao said...

jasonmumbles: Yeah.

jijitankyy: Wow, you're so lucky.