Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Flying Gerbil

After my friend showed me the continuous shots of a gerbil jumping from a place to another place with a gap in between by some other gerbil keepers, I decided to see if my gerbil can really “fly” like the others. Mind you, not every gerbil flies, just like my other two fat boys, Scruffy and Spottie.

After I’ve seen the pictures, I took the three boys out from their tank and chose Kiki for the stunt as he’s the skinniest among the three and he runs like a rocket on my bed. He has the most agilities and speed compare to the other two, and with the light weight, I'm sure he can do it.

I put him on my chair and my bed as his landing spot, with 20cm gap from my chair to my bed. After seeing that he succeed in the attempts, I took out my digicam and get ready to take the continuous shots of him jumping.

When I saw he was going to leap, I pressed the shutter *Chik chik chik* Guess what? That fella made a U-turn back to the chair and this continues whenever I pressed the shutter. Damn, kena xien ka by him. After a lot of attempts, I managed to get some shots but it turns out to be blurry. As I need to use fast shutter speed but the background lighting was not strong enough, and my flash will lag as it need some time to charge up before the next one.

Identify the landing spot

Estimate the distance


My gerbil smart one I tell you, can do calculations and estimations before he jumps.

I gave up taking pics and I took a video in the end. Don’t try this with your gerbil at home k? My Kiki is trained by professional (me la!)


Serena said...

haha, cute~
u and ur gerbil are professional huh...

hao said...

Hahahaha... they're smart and cute! Can't resist to "torture" them.

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. I don't know whether to pat your gerbil's back for being able to do mental calculations or your back for taking it! =)

Nicocoa said...

Ooo... cute.... can I have it? :D

hao said...

-princess shin- :Both of our back then! Haha

nicocoa: Hell no! LOL!!

^akachester said...

You bad circus planner..Wahah..teach my gerbils how to FLY..

hao said...

Come, take yours to me... I'll give you discount. LMAO!!