Sunday, May 06, 2007

Japanese Buffet at Kam Pachi

I went to a SamKam Pachi (勘八) at Equatorial Hotel in Melaka for Japanese Buffet with the high-comms of H2O Club.

From Sushi to Teriyaki, you can eat as much as your stomach can fill. I wonder who will go in and eat as many wasabi as he can?

Picture time!

Doriyaki! Doraemon loves it, so do I. Hehe

I don't know what's this but it's nice

Prank of the day: Hidden wasabi in ice-cream! Too bad I didn’t capture the pictures of hiding the wasabi in the ice-cream. Actually it’s simple, scoop the ice-cream half way, put a spoon full of wasabi into the ice-cream, and continue to scoop until the ice-cream is in the spherical shape with wasabi hidden inside. Pretend to be thoughtful for offering the ice-cream to your friend, sit back and wait for your friend to burst in tears.

From left to right: Me, Sharon, Guan, Eunice, Sissy Desmond and Teck Loi

I’ve been there once last year. Compare to last year, it has more varieties and the food improves a lot. You can give it a try if you’re a Japanese food lover.


Jason said...

Tak ajak!

hao said...

jason: Cannot ajak you la... later you take all the food then i have to wait for them to refill... hahahahahahaha