Friday, May 11, 2007

Man Utd is Coming

If you are a fan of football, and furthermore, a Manchester United fan, you should know that there’ll be a tour to Japan, South Korea, Macau and Malaysia. They will be visiting us in Kuala Lumpur on 27th July.

As a fan of Man Utd myself, I’m looking forward for the match in Kuala Lumpur. But, the cb kiasu president of AFC scare Man Utd’s presence will divert the attention away from the Asian Cup. Like we’ll watch Asian Cup if Man Utd doesn’t turn up. More info here.

The fans start pigcock (tulan la!) and they participated in the The Stars online poll disagreed the cancellation of the match. Some of the comments like “Sorry, what cup did you say it was again? Asian Cup? Is that a coffee cup?” and “Where’s the logic? Only about 10 people in this country are interested in the Asian Cup, compared to literally a million MU fans. Do the math.” really cracks me up. See, I told you MU fans really pigcock liao… Anyway, bravo to those that gave those comments.

Something surprised me today as I though there’s no hope for my favourite team to play here until I found out that our PM, Pak Lah, actually insist the game to go ahead (More info here). Jeez, I don’t know our beloved PM is a Man Utd fan. lol


Jasonmumbles said...

AFC got smacked right in the face. Served them right.

Did you know that they plan to invite Chelsea to visit Malaysia?

Haha! I think they not happy with MU winning the cup, so they, in the name of AFC, decided to cancel their celebration.

P/S : Malaysia is Chelsea's fan. You see the MAS Airlines' advertisement also support Chelsea one.

hao said...

Got such thing ar? Nvm, Pak Lah MU fan can d. I want to watch the match ler... Glory glory Man Utd!

hanping said...

yest paklah give so many reasons y wan ask MU come and play...
coz this yr is visit msia yr and bla bla bla

hao said...

Aiyor, he's paiseh to tell that he's MU fan mar... hahaha... luckily he got stand up and insist MU to come.

anthraxxxx said...

Abdullah's son in law is a MU fan though.

moses said...

P/S : Malaysia is Chelsea's fan. You see the MAS Airlines' advertisement also support Chelsea one.

That's only becoz AirAsia support ManUtd :P

hao said...

anthraxxxx: Izzit? Then that explain it all.

moses: Oh ya. If you didn't mention, I wouldn't have notice it. lol