Sunday, May 13, 2007


Final exam is coming around the corner. I just can’t concentrate when studying and I’m struggling from falling asleep while reading those boring notes. To make me stay awake while reading those bloody boring theories and formulas, I went down to the mini market and grab a bottle of Red Bull to drink.

Hoping that I have the power of the bull to keep me going on, reading the notes even if I don’t really have any ideas what the notes is talking about (blame the lecturer for providing such a lousy notes and she don’t even know how to teach in class). At least, I actually read something rather than falling asleep so when I sit for the exam, I can still bullshit in my paper with the bull power I gained during my revisions and hopefully I can get some sympathy marks from the lecturer. Eh wait, later the lecturer gives me bullshit marks for those bullshits in the paper. If that bullleh happen, I mar hailat!

Having the thoughts that Red Bull will give me bullshit in my paper which will result with a bullshit marks, right after I finished the bull’s pee, I went back to the mini market and grab a can of 100plus.


Serena said...

try pepsi twist..
it works for me.

hao said...

Izzit? Can give it a try next time. Haha

-SaMYP- said...

Haha!I normally drink chinese tea...healthier and cheaper...haha!

hao said...

But not tastier! LOL!!!