Friday, December 28, 2007

Industrial Playing

Shout Out
I don't feel like going to work tomorrow *lazy*

There are time when trainees aren't given tasks to do by the supervisor. Today is one of the boring days for both Ying and me.

Usually, we just stand aside, watching the technicians doing their stuffs. But today, it is so boring til Ying brought her own laptop and she started to play some computer games.

I mean, what kind of attitude is that? We were suppose to learn as much as we can when our university provides us with such opportunities. But you even brought your own laptop and started to play games as if all the technicians are dead?

Yes, I know that the allowance is only RM900 in total if the company remember our 3 months existence there, which RM600 from the total allowance will be paid to the blood sucking university as school fees for I don't know what's the reason. The leftover RM300 is not even enough to cover our petrol, let alone lunch. However, we still have to do what we should. Where's the professionalism?

The technicians did not gave us any tasks doesn't means that we don't have to work. There's always job like sweeping the dirty floor, wiping and tidying up the messy table or even offering the technicians some help.

But no, you just sat there and played the games as if your dad owns the company. So that's how a soon-to-be engineer behaves? It's very disappointing you know?


On the same boat with her larrr... playing NFS: Prostreet and watching Bleach that I just finished download this morning somemore... wahahahahahah :P


Jasonmumbles said...

Later your supervisor and boss stumbled upon your blog then you know. :P

hao said...

jasonmumbles: I'm only worry bout the lecturers... hahahah

kimfei said...

eii..apa tu...i never play game during office hour ler...

hao said...

kimfei: Cos you got leng lui to kap mar, I dun have... hahahahahaha