Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My First Allowance

I've told that I won't be getting any allowances for my 3 months industrial training as the budget for trainees ran out. It was disappointing to me, most of my friends get at least RM300 per month, some even gets RM1000 per month. Imagine how many things I can buy with that money, with the leftover from petrols and food. I envy them.

Unfortunately, I'm not the lucky one. I have to work for free, paying for the petrol and my lunch from my own pocket until 2 weeks ago, I was asked to meet the HR executive. I was asked to give her my name and IC number, and I was been told that there might be some leftover from the budget. I did not gave any high hopes on the amount that I'm going to get, I was expecting something around RM100. Even the amount not much, it's better than none.

So, I've been waiting for the called from the office and yesterday, the superintendent in the electrical department asked me to take my allowance from the office. Off I went, with a big grin on my face.

After meeting with the person in charge, I signed on a piece of document, and the person in charge gave me my allowance in the form of a cheque.

To my surprise, the amount written on it is RM300! I was delighted. It was my first allowance for the first month ever since I was working for 7 weeks. Hopefully it will not be the last, there'll be two more to be exact when I end my industrial training.

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