Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lucy the Hedgehog

I've been quite busy with my real life recently. Apart from going to and back from work, I helped my mum with some of the house chores, not sweeping the floor or wiping the windows, you know, that kind of jobs. The stuffs I did burns calories, tonnes of them. For the record, I've made a rack for plants and pots using recycled woods, cleaning out the backyard, and painted my sister's room. With the leftover free time, I'll sit in front of my computer playing Need for Speed: ProStreet/browsing forums and blogs/chatting with gf or friends. I just don't have the mood and energy to blog, I guess that explain my short disappearance here :P

Anyway, these are some of Lucy's cute picture I took before I came back to Kuching. FYI, Lucy is my adopted hedgehog and a weapon that will be used to throw at Auntie Evie if I get to meet her one day... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'm not sure what attracted her but she kept biting my bed sheet after she sniffed it. Maybe she's attracted to my masculine smell aka 男人味.

Hedgehog anoints (you can see it in the video below) by licking its body which will later form foams on it. Scientists and researchers are still looking some explanations for this mysterious behaviors.

In my humble opinion *cough*, smells sensitive hedgehogs perform this act when they're exposed to new environment, where the smell of the new environment is different from the previous one. The new smell will send the hedgehogs anoints, forming the foam that contains some sort of chemical that has the same molecule with the new environment, making the hedgehogs blend with the new surrounding thus invisible to the predators' nose. This is just the assumption I made as I do not own any suitable equipments to give it a test. Hopefully any researchers or scientists will accidentally visit this blog and give it an experiment. Who knows it might be a cure to AIDS or cancer, right? Ahhh... Nobel prize, here I come~ *daydreaming*

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Awesome Hog pictures!!