Sunday, December 30, 2007

Korean Steamboat

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I'm not a fan of Korean food just as the Korean dramas, but when we've ran out of idea where to dine for our dinner, we headed to Korean Da Om BBQ house at Jalan Song, Kuching.

korean food menu

The restaurant is opened by a Korean family. The whole family migrate to Kuching as the dad works for an electronic company here. I guess the mum is too bored staying at home, thus she starts a Korean restaurant to ease the financial burden. You can hear the family chatting in Korean which made me feel like eating in Korea.

After scrolling the menu, the four of us decided for Boo Dea Ji Gea, a spicy steamboat with pork, kim-chi, ham, sausages and crab sticks.

Jack and his "sister"

Other than the one we ordered, there are other 2 more choices, which are: Bool Go Gin Jun Gol, a beef and vegetables steamboat with Korean noodle and a Hea Mool Jun Gol, seafood steamboat in Korean style.

Jian trying to snap a hot chick's butt

The name sounds funny to me.

A: Which one you want?
B: Hea Mool Jun Gol.
A: Hea Mool Jun? Which team's player? How he scored the goal?
B: ...

The steamboat comes with 4 side dishes.

bean sprout
Bean sprout



The Kim-chi is so spicy that the moment I put it into my mouth, tears started forming in my eyes, my body's temperature rose and I was sweating.

I don't know what is this but it tastes like a pancake to me.

The tea for the dinner

The steel chopsticks is heavy and slippery. The food keep on slipping away from it, trying to escape from my hungry stomach.

Guess what is inside this UFO lookalike bowl?

Surprise! It's just white rice... Zzz...

Don't ask me why the rice need to be covered. I guess it's to prevent cockroaches from falling inside XD

mini stove
The mini stove for the steamboat

And finally, what we are waiting for...

The steamboat, with a slice of cheese on top!

The soup is spicy and hot, just as it is stated in the menu. I did not realized it as I was busy looking at the ingredients inside the soup back when we were ordering.

Throughout the night, my mouth is kept open for eating and sucking in cool air to cool my mouth from the hot and spicy food. For all the time I though Korean soup is tasteless, but the flame inside my mouth proves me wrong.


kimfei said...

haha..i goin to try korean buffet first time on korean food..keke

hao said...

kimfei: So shoik? Hope you enjoy it!

eunice said... dunno how eat spicy food say la....haha...Kim-chi....Kim-chi...

hao said...

eunice: You go eat I think you also cannot stand it ah... lol