Friday, March 16, 2007

The Jumping Crocodile

Waiting silently in the water for the unsuspecting victims like a dead log before it leaps out from the water 5 feet high to kill its prey. Yes, it is the saltwater crocodile that inhabits the river of Sarawak.

Bujang Sudin, caught on 9-9-1988

During the visit to the crocodile farm in Sarawak, there was a feeding time where the farm's worker hang a dead chicken on the rope 5 feet high at the middle of the pond. The crocodiles will start to approach the dead chicken slowly. Waiting for the right time, the crocodile suddenly leaped with the swing of its tail and carried the meat with its strong jaw back into the water and disappeared.

I was amazed on the strength of the tail which can carry its over hundreds kilograms body out from the water with just a swing.

So guys, next time you visit Sarawak, remember not to pee by the river. So you won't go back home as an ah kua without penies and boobs.

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