Monday, June 16, 2008

The Barong Dance

*rewind back from the previous post*

This is a little bit boring (I mean the show), but at least it's worth mentioning compare to the visit to Batik and Silvery shops before the visit to Kintamani. So... hmmm... errr... where should I start?

After our breakfast in Adi Dharma Hotel, the hotel we stayed in Bali, we went to a local show, the Barong Dance.

Balinese, which are mostly consisted of Hindus, believe in Gods of good and evil. The Barong Dance basically describes the fight between good and evil. Barong is a character in Balinese mythology representing the good spirit that protects the people. The Barong is somewhat like Chinese Lion Dance, just that the pace is very very slow compared to the Lion Dance. Luckily they added some humor to the show to avoid the tourists from falling asleep.

I like the Barong for don't know whatever reason. It's cute, don't you think? Hehe...

See any differences between the two pictures of the Barong above?

Before the shows start, every tourists gets a brief description about what's going on throughout the show. Otherwise, I don't think anyone will understand what's happening. Even with that (the description), I still dunno what's happening in the show... hehehehe

Other than the Barong, there are several characters that appeared in the shows, we have...

Not me. I'm more hemsem. Seriously. Yeah. Mmm-hmm. And I'm cuter too *nod head*

The pretty Balinese Dancer

The Witch aka the bad guy

Shorter than Nian You's; Longer than Geek's. I mean the Kuku, as in, the fingernails in Malay.


The 5 emo guys which I still dunno why they keep on stabbing their own self with fake knives. Maybe they're undergoing the same situation that Geek is undergoing


robin said...


the witch looks very scary LOL LOL...

Whoah, tribal dance, must be very interesting.

ahahahhaahah its been a while since i last heard someone used "kuku"... u cracked me up real bad there.

Shinky said...

Interesting culture... ^.^ But loosk scary. I wonder how they can make such "ugly" things... >.<" :P

.c.h.e.r.r.y. said...

l0L the last pic is hilarious.
when u said kuku i really thought is kukubird u know. and i was thinkin to tell u that it's no the kuku which is long, is the tongue! omg. damn funny.
and the borongs damn scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! hun ah.
i think they have the pretty balinese dancer(s) to compensate the scary moments! uh.

hao said...

robin: Haha. It's actually more toward to the boring side. LOL

shinky: Hmmm... through imagination? But their craftsmanship is very good.

.c.h.e.r.r.y.: You're dirty minded, that's why, lol. Barong lar, not borong. Where got scary? Cute lehhh... hahaha

Jeremy said...

Ahh.. i still remember the stupid barong show. >.< It's so damn borinngg~ But half way through the show barong changed into another form, into Super Saiyan BARONG~ and the bad guy too, dunno what's his name. Those guys stabbing themselves are suppose to be immortal when barong is around. Well, more like skinny immortals, except for the left most, that's a newbie immortal :P

jijitankyy said...

I also confused between the good and evil.

Most interesting is where the 5 guys use the knife and some even stab on their on nipple. ><

Neway.I still prefer our Lion Dance.

hao said...

jeremy: Wow, you still understand the show :D. The bad guy is called Rangda or something like that, dunno how to spell... lol

jijitankyy: Haha, yealor. I also prefer our Lion Dance than that :P