Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shiny Jetty

Exam week has started(thus the lack of updates)! My first paper falls on this Friday and the another one on next Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Anyway, here's some shots I took at The Jetty, Melaka.

We went there for a walk after we had our dinner. Chinese always say:"消化, 消化.", this is the traditional way to let you food flows fluently through your intestine and reach pre-asshole faster lo...

There's actually a famous karaoke lounge at the end of The Jetty. It's famous for its cheap rates and it's one of the favorite places amongst MMU students. Might blog bout this in the future but definitely not today. It's a very very rare opportunity to come here to enjoy the scenery while inhaling fresh sea air instead of ended up singing in one of the room ok? I must show the pictures I took lah, if not dunno have to wait til when!

CJ showing how to throw a pebble and let it leaps on the surface of the river for 9999999999th time before it is tired and fell into the sea. This stupid idea is started by Geek lor... who else will come out with this stupid idea other than him? Can't blame him also lah, his girlfriend sexual fantasies target lover friend went to toilet that time, leaving him behind *sigh*

Don't play play ah, with his ending pose, you can see how many spectators he had attracted on the corridor of the Jetty if you look carefully in the picture above.


Another view of the Jetty

Exam exam exam, is killing me softly~ T______________________T


robin said...

Whoah... Exams... All the best dude !!!
I see you love low light/night photography. So many entries on night time pictures, ahahahaha Hah, I could say the same about myself though.
U should try muck around using long shutter, it will smooth out the water, very cool effect !!

jijitankyy said...

All the best in your final exam.
WOh I like the reflection of colourful light on the sea.

hao said...

robin: Thanks. Haha, it's just happened that most of time we went in the evening. Will try that in the future! ;)

jijitankyy: All the best to you too! Thanks!

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