Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Red Church Melaka I

It was Monday and I am going to have my last paper on Wednesday. Since I don't have the mood to study anymore, I followed Kimfei and Ser to A'Famosa to polish our photography skill. The two fella here finished their exam already and they were looking for something to do to kill their time and I took this chance to curi tulang refresh my tiring brain.

After we had our breakfast, we started from the street across the Red Church.

It's a little bit hot on that sunny morning. But the sky is crystal clear and blue, I like!

This windmill is built to show that Melaka was conquered by the Dutch centuries ago, I think... who give the damn anyway? LOL

We had a little bit "photography warming up" before crossing the street for the Red Church.

More pictures of the day trip in the next post!

And sorry if I did not replied all the comments and messages these few days.

Because I've gone to somewhere in Indonesia to become a millionaire! Wahahahahahahaha!!!!