Friday, May 30, 2008

The Fountain of Red Church

After we crossed the street, we were first greeted by the fountain.

It's difficult to miss the fountain when you are driving pass the Red Church. It is standing just right next to the road and it's very eyes-catching.

So before we headed toward the Red Church, we stopped by the fountain and snapped some pictures. By that time, tourists, lots and lots of them, started to fill up the historical place. They started to appear as some kinda distracting objects in the pictures and I was trying my best not to snap those little pests them together with the landscape which might ruin the picture.

To make thing worse, the water shattered across the place after it hit the pillar of the fountain. You still can get "hit" eventhough you are a few feet away from the fountain. I can't stay quite long there to avoid the water from entering my dear little Canon 450D.

Don't ask me, I can't read it either XD

After a few shots, we headed toward the Red Church where the crowds are. Will show you in the next post :P