Friday, March 07, 2008


Dear Pickle,

It has been a year since the day you left me. How are you doing under the Rainbow Bridge? You sure made a lot of friends there with the charm you have huh.

Eventhough a year has passed, but the memories of both of us together are still fresh inside my mind. From the first day I brought you home, you brought me lots of laughters and entertainments. I can still remember when the light was switched off, which is the time you'll come out from your hidebox and explore, I'll place my hand inside your cozy home and you'll come to sniff and lick my hand out of curiosity. I can still remember you love my bed so much that you'll cuddle inside inside my blanket and start sleeping like a pig, eventhough sometimes you left me some "gift", where I need to clean my blanket and mattress cover. I can still remember that once I put you on my laps while I was playing my computer, and suddenly I felt some warm water started spreading across my pants and my skin, you got me again without any warnings. I can still remember the way you run, the way you curl up when you felt threaten but uncurl again when you found out that it was just me, the way you chewed your favorite mealworms out of my hands where you accidentally bit my fingers sometimes...

The happy moments came to an end when you became ill, very ill. No local vets can treat you well. That was when I made the most difficult decision in my life, that is to end your suffering by putting you to sleep. I could not bear to see what you were going through anymore. You could not even stand up. You were completely paralyzed. It's very heart breaking to see you suffers. After I took you from the vet's hand, I tried not to cry, even when my eyes started to fill with tears. I should be happy about it as your sufferings had came to an end. I hope I've made the right decision.

I'll miss you, always.

Your best friend,


eunice said... sweet and so touch~

Sharon said...

*touched* you're always on my mind...

babymoli said...

Miss ya Pickle~~