Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Saved A Turtle Today

There's no need for me to emphasize how critically endangered turtle is. For the past few days, few popular bloggers had already tell the tale of the extinction that the turtle is going to face (More on here and here).

What you can do to help is to:
SMS WWF <space> your full name <space> Email and send to 39398. Each SMS donates RM3. Or go to wwf.org.my website to donate.

If the RM3 means a lot to you, then
1. Chat just 5 minutes less on the phone with your loved ones, they won't leave you just because you talk a little bit lesser to them on just one call;
2. Save up the 30-filled-with-craps-most-of-the-time SMS, use IM instead;
3. Stop MMS'ing Edison scandal pictures/videos with your friends, use bluetooth instead.

and you might save a turtle's life, how cool is that?

Well, I've done my part. How bout you?

Side note: A helpless financial problem facing student is looking for some fund for his graduation trip. What you can do to help him is to email me: DONATE <space>Your name (optional, I won't care either if you put it anyway) <space> amount. I'll send you my bank account.

PS: Just kidding on the side note part :P


littlepolaris said...

From russia wor... can send or not?

hao said...

littlepolaris: If want to send to WWF then I think cannot, if want to send to me then surely can XD