Friday, April 18, 2008

Take a Guess

Take a guess, what camera did I used to take this picture:

No prizes for those who are correct though. Answer will be revealed in the next post. Have fun guessing :P

Note: No EXIF file peeping!


Kels said...

Camera Make: Canon
Camera Model: Canon PowerShot A700
Image Date: 2008:04:05 03:00:22
Flash Used: No
Focal Length: 5.8mm
CCD Width: 1.01mm
Exposure Time: 0.067 s (1/15)
Aperture: f/2.8
White Balance: Auto
Metering Mode: Center Weight

How come not your 450D ? =P

hao said...

kels: Celaka peep my EXIF file... LOL

Eugene said...

aha hao... i got software that can remove your exif... u want? :D

fattien said...

I used Photoshop lightroom can check oh!!! exactly same like kels ......hahahaha

hao said...

eugene: Yes!! Hahahaha

fattien: Eeeeeeee... you cheat too! :(