Sunday, April 20, 2008

Got My Canon 450D Finally

Today is the day when a big hole will be burnt in our pockets.

After having our breakfast, we headed to Sg Wang, KL all the way from Melaka to get something that's luring us for the past weeks and months.

Kimfei, the driver, and...

Jian and Hanping

Four of us, the soon-to-be photographer.... wannabe... LOL!

When we reached Sg Wang around 11 something, the whole place is so quiet, not crowded like during weekends. I like.

Without wasting much time, we started going from shops to shops for price surveying. The price is almost the same, but the services from the shop varies. Some explain to us how the things work patiently; some just ignore us; and one even like quarreling with us (Kesian Han Ping, he's the one kena. Luckily I don't know how to speak fluent Cantonese! XD)

We tried a few models to "feel" the body before deciding. The one I aimed for the past weeks didn't disappoint me. It fits perfectly in my hand.

Fattien came around 1pm and we had lunch together while he shares his knowledges with us. He's a nice and friendly person.

After the lunch, Fattien had to go back to his work, leaving 4 of us to continue hunting for our babes. After some surveyings and discussion, we finally decided to get from the first shop we visited in Sg Wang. The shop lady smiled when she saw us. 4 dSLRs to be sold at the same time with cash, imagine that.

After some negotiating and cock talking in the shop, we paid the money, and walked out happily with 2 Canon 450D, 2 Canon 400D and empty pockets.

We had yumcha session in Old Town Coffeeshop together with Hung Wei who dropped by in Sg Wang for the fashion show at 8. So the 5 of us, sitting in the coffeeshop, drinking and chit chatting until the time when we should be going back... YEA RIGHT! Right after we sat down, all of us took out our dSLRs and started to play with it like thrilled kids. Of course, we learned something from Hung Wei who is glad to teach us.

Hung Wei with his Sony A100

Kimfei playing his Canon 450D

Hanping with his Canon 400D

Tarak Jian with his Canon 400D's pic... :P

I bought myself a Canon 450D with Canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens, which means I can only eat grass for the next few months T______T

Included in the package are: Camera Bag, 2GB SD card, Tripod, Canon Backpack, UV filter and screen protector.

Comparing the 450D and 400D side by side...

Front view:

Back view:

Top view:

And last but not least...



Jasonmumbles said...

Congratulations for your purchase. :D And welcome to the world of dSLR.

Helen said...

Congratulations. I was wondering if it's OK for you to tell me the price you paid for the 400 and 450 respectively? Been contemplating on getting myself a 400 too. :-)

jijitankyy said...

Zhun!Cheers to you.Onward you have your new toy with you.Cant wait to see the nice pics....

babymoli said...






Finally got your baby huh?
Congratz congratz... Muahahahaha...
Mind to tell me the price?

littlepolaris said...

waah eksyen la eksyen la~
Now we can go bring dSLR go hunting together huahahahahaha

hao said...

jasonmumbles: Hehe, thank you~

helen: Left it in your comment box in case you are not coming back to read it here ;)

jijitankyy: Hopefully I can take nice pic with it... hahahaha

babymoli: MSN MSN!! XD

littlepolaris: Wahahahahaha.... wait you ajak niaaa... lol

KY said...

congrats! May you spend a lot more money on lenses, flash, and tripod. LOL

hao said...

ky: Waaa... I'm totally broke now. So no more lenses, flash, tripod... for me now XD