Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Spartan In The Plane

Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm back to Kuching, again, for the Chinese New Year. As usual, Air Asia is my only choice for its cheaper price than MAS but it turned out that the journey from KL to Kuching was not a pleasant one. Let me show you why:

Other than that, this is the first time I faced "airsick". The shaky flight was/might be caused by:
1. Bad weather
2. Lousy pilots
3. Faulty plane!

My flight was delayed from 7.40pm to 9.30pm and I reached LCCT at 2.30pm due to the time booked with the taxi before I got the SMS from Air Asia telling me that my flight has been delayed. Furthermore, my flight was delayed again due to repairs on the aircraft.

During the flight, loud sounds was coming out underneath my feet and the unstable flight make the condition worse. It was like shaking you inside a bottle of bees.

Upon landing in the Kuching International Airport safely (thank god), I walked out from the plane, went down the staircase and saw one of the pilot holding a torch light checking the belly of the plane!

It's lucky that nothing happens during the flight. Phewwww....


-SaMYP- said...

Thank God...U still can go bek celebrate CNY...That plane not explode..So lucky u are ho~....hehehe~~~~

Falcon said...

really lucky..i like the cartoons...its so cool..Im gonna save it under my fav blogs..Happy CNY!!

Jian said...

hahahah.. hao, u can start doing comic strip liao.. its so funny hahaha XD

KIra said...

yeah.. lucky u still alive.. so when wan bac here penisula..go check the plane first.. investigate ^^

jijitankyy said...

Haha..I have the same experience with you during my trip to Kuching previously.

I smore can smell the kerosin when sit at the back of the plane.

Edmund said...

Probably due to bad weather. It is normal for the pilots to check the plane after landing, it's called pre-flight exterior check.