Friday, February 22, 2008

The Reason Why Chap Goh Mei Is Not Celebrated Like Usual Anymore

Pardon my disappearance for such a long time. The reasons I did not updated my blog for so long is because of:
i) Busy Chinese New Year
ii) My Melaka house got broke into during CNY where I was back at my hometown celebraing CNY
iii) and after I settle the stuffs and a few visits to the police station, Screamyx failed on me. I was left disconnected from the internet life for more than one week. I had to post this post in a nearby cafe.

Anyway, CNY has just ended and yesterday was Chap Goh Mei, that falls on the 15th day of CNY which marks the end of CNY. In Southeast Asia, it coincides with Chinese Valentine's Day. Unmarried woman will gather near the sea or river and toss tangerines into the sea or river to hope their future spouse will pick it up. Sad to say, this tradition begins to died down, and it might be caused by this:


wilhb81 said...

well, I think we should create a online "Chap Goh Mei Throwing River" so that everyone can throw on it...

3POINT8 said...

"you want to settle?"
"u single?"
*lucky policeman!*

Abby said...

this is hilarious! hahaha

Nicocoa said...

haha,so cute!

hao said...

wilhb81: Too bad Friendster/Facebook doesn't have feature like that

3point8: Bwahahahaha!

abby: :P

nicocoa: Me or the comic? lol